A Girl Named Su


When producing a spot, casting is one of the most important  aspects.  The right or wrong talent can make or break a piece.

When we were casting for the Maybelline Style Diary for Sundance Channel, the casting director and I stumbled upon this wonderful girl named Su.  Su owned a small clothing and home goods boutique in Clinton Hill.  Without any on-camera or modeling experience, she was completely unprepared to star in a beauty commercial.  But this was her greatest asset: she just had a smile, a sweetness and authenticity to her that you can’t fake. I knew that I wanted her for the role almost immediately.

With a little coaching, and little direction, we got what we needed from the audition interview.  She got the gig.  She killed it.  One of the best pieces I think we’ve done.

Producing is trusting your gut.  If you know something is right, it probably is.

– Brian Parrish